#Kenya: Schneider Electric Develops Solar Electrification for 45,000 Primary School Pupils


Lack of electricity in Africa remains one of the biggest barriers to the region’s development and prosperity; this continues to trap millions of people in extreme poverty. With a third of all primary schools lacking any access to electricity, that means that 90 million students are left to be educated from places that have no power.

In Kenya, where 77% of the 44 million inhabitants have no access to electricity, the Government entrusted the Rural Electrification Authority with the responsibility of ensuring that all public primary schools in the country are connected to electricity supply in readiness for the implementation of a global laptop programme.

As part of the school electrification program of the Kenyan Rural Electrification Authority, Schneider Electric developed an off-grid solar power solution customized to primary schools’ needs.

Schneider Electric Kenya designed a high featured off-grid PV solution. This solution comprises 2PV inverters with solar charge controller. The first PV inverter is dedicated to supply energy for lighting application and the second PV inverter is for computer. These 2 PV inverters are supported by Deep Cycle Solar GEL batteries and Solar PV modules.

Schneider Electric trains local entrepreneurs to install the solution and someone from each school to maintain the system and to regulate its usage.


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