Largest U.S Offshore Wind Project Approved

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) on Wednesday approved the construction of the South Fork Wind Farm, a 90 megawatt farm off the coast of Long Island. It would be the first in New York, the second in the country and upon completion, the largest off shore wind farm in the United States. The approval was announced by Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York.

The South Fork Wind Farm will be located some 30 miles (50 kilometers) southeast of the tip of Long Island off Queens and Brooklyn.

Presently, the only project in operation is the 30 MW Block Island Wind Farm, which only began generating electricity. Construction on the 256 square mile farm is said to begin by 2019, and a total of 15 turbines with a capacity of 90 megawatts would be installed. The farm is said to feature 15 600 foot tall turbines which should be able to power up to 50,000 houses. The territory has a capacity of containing up to 200 turbines.

CEO of Deepwater Wind, Jeffrey Grybowski said: “This is a big day for clean energy in New York and our nation… The South Fork Wind Farm will be the second offshore wind farm in America, and its largest. There is a huge clean energy resource blowing off of our coastline just over the horizon, and it is time to tap into this unlimited resource to power our communities.”

Cuomo said: “This project will not only provide a new, reliable source of clean energy, but will also create high-paying jobs, continue our efforts to combat climate change and help preserve our environment for current and future generations of New Yorkers.”


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