Least Developed Countries may Jeopardise SDG Success by 2030

The United Nations has raised concerns over the attainment of Sustainable Development in least developed countries by 2030.

In a new report, the UN laments that although there is global progress on the goals, a continuous degeneration of the least developed nations’ economies could jeopardise the global success of the goals by 2030.

The current and anticipated growth rate of these countries fall below U.N.’s target of least developed countries growing at a rate of 7 percent. Presently, the countries are only growing at an average of 4.7 percent with a 5.3 percent anticipated growth by 2018. This development poses a threat on the possible attainment of the goals since 35 percent of people in the world’s 48 least developed countries might still live in extreme poverty by 2030; considering current growth trends. The UN has therefore called for a dispersal of international aid towards least developed countries via multilateral and international agreements, since all 193 Member States signed up to achieving all 17 goals globally by 2030.


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