LG Celebrates World Environment Day 2016

The United Nations World Environment Day celebrated June 5 every year is the UN’s day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. LG employees around the world are celebrating the day this year by participating in thousands of person-hours of volunteer activities, to give back to local communities and show solidarity with the goals of UN World Environment Day, celebrated every June 5 since 2010.

Through this, LG Electronics Inc. has added a wider perspective to its sustainability credentials for World Environment Day 2016, using immersive 360-degree video to highlight the importance of protecting UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Using the versatility of the LG 360 CAM, the two minute 360-degree video depicts famous landmarks in a new light and serves as a call to action for viewers to play a more active role in protecting the valuable heritage around them.

Featuring key landmarks around the world, the LG World Environment Day video aligns with the growing demand on social media for VR content. The power of 360-degree video takes viewers beyond the limitations of their devices and provides an exciting glimpse into the future of interactive content. Each site was captured in 360 by LG employees using the 360 CAM with the flagship LG G5 smartphone. The LG 360 CAM has two 13 MP cameras which combine to capture images and videos from all directions. The camera is extremely portable with a durable battery.

It gives consumers a vital tool for pushing creative boundaries forward and capturing fuller, richer content, exemplified by LG’s World Environment Day call-to-action video.


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