Liberia: Parents Complains of Inability to Put Their Children in School Due to Economical Difficulties

Liberia parents are having issues enrolling their children in school. The primary and secondary academic school year now in its third week, some school-going children are still not in school due to the financial difficulties being faced by their parents and guardians and despite the Liberian government’s free and compulsory education.

Friday, september14, a reporter bumped into the Seventh Day Adventist school campus where they had four little girls around between the ages of six and eight, and asked ‘’who should be in school but are not’’ The kids had gone to see their friends without the consent of their parents. After the question was asked, one of the little girls replied and said their grandmother doesn’t have the money to send them to school.

The reporter approached the kids’ grandmother, who lives in an old gravy zinc shack, she said that she does not have money to send her grandkids to school as result of the present economic situation in the country.

She said, she has 13 grandchildren, they are not in school because no money to send them to school. Government school is far away for them children to walk there and the Paynesville Community School (PCS) is full. She appealed to Oppong [President George Weah] to open school for the poor people’s children because school fees it’s not affordable around there, where would she get the money from to pay school fees for more than five children, when she’s only selling palm nuts to be able to find food for them to eat? She pleaded that, Oppong should open free education for children. It’s very difficult to provide food at the same time fees for the children.

Grandma Malney disclosed that daily she spends L$400 to buy 10 cups of rice, which she cooks for her grandchildren and her to eat. So, she’s not able to raise school fees to send them to school.

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