Longest Bridge in Africa: Proposed Fourth Mainland Bridge

There are great opportunities in the heart of Lagos Nigeria and with these opportunities come intense traffic congestion. This congestion is causing pressures that threaten to paralyze the city’s circulation, its growth and its people.

To reduce this pressure, the Lagos State Government has proposed the construction of the 4th Mainland Bridge. The operation will be the insertion of a bypass; a bridge within the body of Lagos. In addition to this bridge, the government also proposes a new heart to support the bridge. This ‘new bridge and new heart’ in the body of Lagos will not be like every other infrastructure rather, it  will connect people in large numbers and improve their natural flow through a reorganization of vehicular, waterways, and pedestrian modes of transportation.

The bridge is expected to be about 3 kilometres, making it the longest bridge in Africa. The 2 level bridge will not only function as a means for vehicular traffic on its upper level, it will also stimulate and accommodate pedestrian, social, commercial and cultural interactions on its lower level with its tropical environment and intimate street level exchanges. The Fourth Mainland Bridge in conjunction with existing road networks would establish a primary ring road around Lagos. This ring road will provide alternative traffic routes from Lekki to Ikorodu, Ikeja to Ajah, relieving the 3rd Mainland Bridge of its overstretched capacity.

With this improved flow of people across Lagos, the city will be relieved of traffic congestion, will maximize its great opportunities and grow better.


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