Mackenzie Innovation Partners Sodexo



Mackenzie Innovation Institute (Mi2) has just entered into an innovation partnership with Sodexo, their current supplier of comprehensive non-clinical support services.

This latest expansion of their innovation strategy aims to improve the functionality of the IT systems that manage the fulfillment of support services at Mackenzie Health. The partnership will foster innovations to be developed, evaluated and adopted to improve patient care across the healthcare system.

By achieving a higher degree of interconnectivity and flexibility, Mi2 envisions making service delivery significantly more efficient and responsive to patient needs. A key benefit will be reducing the time spent by front-line clinicians on service requests, so they have more time to spend at the bedside caring for patients.

The collective intent of the partnership is to create a non-clinical support service infrastructure that is context aware, highly personalized to patient needs and adaptive to change. This exciting new iteration of Mackenzie Health’s innovation strategy is part of the overarching goal of achieving technological solutions that go beyond digital to create a truly “smart” hospital.

The goal is to get as close as possible to “one-touch point” service fulfilment. In the future, a single entry by a physician or nurse using the hospital’s patient flow software will trigger multiple service directives that are time stamped, scheduled and seamlessly delivered on time without any further involvement by the clinician.

Mackenzie Health is dedicated to using “disruptive” technologies to advance the quality of patient care continuously and this project is an important step along that path.


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