Making Healthcare Delivery Sustainable In Africa

Africa is not a healthy continent. On all indicators of health, Africa lags behind the rest of the world, and behind poor countries of South-East and South Asia that were behind Africa when measured on these metrics a few decades ago. Much of this gap, which has widened since the 1980s is a consequence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic which has hit Africa harder than any region on Earth.

The General Electric (GE) healthcare says that the company has come up with innovative technologies that are affordable and sustainable. The President of the Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, Terri Bresenhan says that GE has developed technologies that could be applied by trained non-medical personnel in remote settings and in primary healthcare (PHC) centres to deliver adequate healthcare especially in efforts aimed at reducing deaths

Bresenham drives regional leadership of GE Healthcare’s operations in India and South Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia, focusing on addressing customer needs across these regions and working with governments, clinicians, private operators and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to support their complete healthcare system development; from start-up phase through to established healthcare infrastructure build out.


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