Mars to Boost $1bn Sustainability Plan with ‘Sense Of Urgency’

Chocolate giant, Mars, is exploring ways to turbo-charge its recently announced billion-dollar sustainability programme.

The chocolate giant in September launched an ambitious sustainability plan in September and last month hosted its first ever stakeholder engagement workshop to seek partnerships from government, NGOs and even competitors to help address sustainability challenges.

According to Abou-Oaf, President, Asia, Middle East & Africa, Mars Wrigley, the US$35 billion confectionary and pet care company wants to infuse the programme with “a sense of urgency” as it looks to cut deforestation and human rights abuses out of its operations, said its regional president Ehab Abou-Oaf at the Responsible Business Forum in Singapore on 22 November.

The maker of Snickers, M&Ms and Whiskers in September announced an ambitious ‘Sustainable in a generation’ initiative, a plan to fix its global supply chain and make a positive impact on the food industry by pumping US$1 billion into projects to tackle climate change, poverty and resource scarcity over the next five years.

It is the boldest sustainability effort in the private company’s 106-year history, and is the fruition of a decade of work to address the Mars family’s desire to create a business that will last for another century and beyond.


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