Methane Eating Bacteria Can Curb Greenhouse Gas Emission

There have been so many worries over the thawing permafrost which will cause a massive release of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, which is usually locked up in the frozen soil. Recently, it is being suggested by a team of researchers that there is a likelihood that the presence of methane eating bacteria which prefer the warmer weather will balance out the presence of this methane in the atmosphere.

There have been articles on trapped carbon-hungry bacteria that are waiting for a warmer temperature to be released. This flux has been studied over the course of three years at Axel Heiberg Island, and it was found that the carbon in the soil becomes richer as the temperature rises, while methane in the atmosphere above it whittles.

Although, it is too soon to decide whether the same course of event applies across the Arctic or even the world, because only one site has been studied. But it is believed that through collaboration with others, it will be possible to realize where it applies. By further investigation at other sites, there is a possibility of generalizing the phenomenon to other parts of the world more accurately to estimate the global impact.


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