Morroco at the Highest Position in Implementing Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

The opening table on how African countries are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals was released on Monday in Kigali, signifying that Morocco is on top of countries that are making progress in implementing the global goals.


SDGs are a global goal for sustainable development currently being implemented by more than 90 countries.

Morocco leads the continent at 66.1 per cent of implementing the global goals, with 12 years left to the deadline set by the United Nations.

Rwanda has been positioned among the top countries in Africa that have implemented the sustainable development goals (SDGs), according to the table released on Monday.

Rwanda was positioned the 11th position among the 51 Africa countries that were tracked, scoring 57.9.

SDGs, which are set to be achieved by 2030, were introduced to take over from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) whose deadline came to pass in 2015.

African states according to the pointers across the 17 sustainable development goals.

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