National Research Foundation (NRF) Masters and Doctoral Scholarships 2020 for young South Africans

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the National Research Foundation (NRF) are pleased to announce a call for applications for Masters and Doctoral Scholarships for Full-time Studies in 2020.

In the process of reducing the high volume of applications received yearly, duplication of applications into different programmes and increasing the turnaround time to informing successful applicants, the NRF has consolidated all the Masters and Doctoral scholarship programmes such as DAAD, Extension Support for Masters and Doctoral studies, NRF Freestanding, Innovation, Scarce Skill Development Fund (SSDF), The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Doctoral and The Southern African Systems Analysis Center (SASAC) in this framework document.

Conditions of Grant

  • The NRF scholarship shall be held as the primary source of funding.
  • The scholarship-holder may hold bursaries, awards, assistantships and receive emoluments from private institutions in conjunction with the NRF scholarship.
  • The scholarship-holder will be accepted as a full-time student during the tenure of the scholarship. Scholarship-holders may not concurrently hold the scholarship with any full-time salaried employment position.
  • The scholarship holder must obtain the degree for which the scholarship was awarded by the contractual date, which is within one (1) year after NRF funding has ceased and notify the NRF via the relevant university authority, unless otherwise approved by the NRF in writing. Should the scholarship holder not complete the degree for which the scholarship was awarded, the funds will have to be returned to the NRF plus interest at the prevailing prime rate charged by the NRF bankers.

For more information and application, visit the official web-page Here


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