The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has recently warned in its annual climate assessment that the record-breaking rises in global temperatures seen in 2015 – and continuing into 2016 – stand as a stark warning that nations must work together to lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

The record states that this year is likely to be even warmer globally than last, having experienced a trend in climate change in the previous 12 months, which has intensified and is strongly influenced by a strong El Nino weather pattern in the South Pacific, combined with record levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

According to Petteri Taalas, secretary general of the WMO, “The future is happening now. The alarming rate of change we are now witnessing in our climate as a result of greenhouse gas emissions is unprecedented in modern records.”

The report further shows that almost all of this excess heat, some 93 per cent, was stored in the oceans down to a depth of about 2,000 metres and  an all-time record increase- because of El Nino exacerbating human-induced climate warming.

“Our planet is sending out a powerful message to world leaders to sign and implement the Paris Agreement on climate change and cut greenhouse gases now before we pass the point of no return”

– Petteri Taalas (Secretary General of the WMO)

#ParisAgreement: April 22, 2016. Save the date!


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