NEPAD to Improve Inter-African Trade via Transit Cross-Border Road Networks

Inter-African trade relations is undoubtedly the lowest globally. To change this unfavourable economic condition, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) has committed more than ever, to strengthen economic ties between African countries by focusing on trade corridors/ transit cross-border road networks. This would be achieved by tackling logistical transport concerns such as issues of tariff setting, duties and regulations, and harmonization.

In order to achieve this however, the body, through its head of regional integration, infrastructure and trade, Symerre Grey-Johnson, has urged the development community to erase the thought of Africa as being a ‘strangely’ risky continent but begin looking into ways and means of ‘derisking’ the continent.

NEPAD’s focus on regional trade facilitation this year will primarily target three corridors including the North-South corridor (South Africa to Tanzania), the Central corridor (Tanzania to Burundi) and the Abidjan-Lagos corridor (Nigeria to Ivory Coast). There is also an ambition to have the Abidjan to Dakar (Ivory Coast to Senegal) corridor also come on board in the near future.



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