New Cluster To Implement Continent-Wide Education Strategy


A new multi-stakeholder Higher Education Cluster has been created in order to realise the implementation of the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA¬) approved in 2016 by African heads of states. 
During the CESA planning meeting held in Addis Ababa at the premises of the African Union Commission in June 2016, it was agreed that a Higher Education Cluster be created in support of the realisation of CESA 2016-25. It is on the basis of this directive that the cluster was launched to help realise the strategy in particular and Agenda 2063 in general.

The Higher Education Cluster for the implementation of CESA 2016-25 and Agenda 2063 was officially launched on 8 June at the culmination of the 14th General Meeting and Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Association of African Universities, or AAU, held in in Accra, Ghana.

The Higher Education Cluster is to be implemented under the leadership of the African Union Commission and the coordination of the AAU. The International Network for Higher Education in Africa, under the leadership of its founding director, Professor Damtew Teferra will facilitate the cluster.

CESA was developed as a strategic intervention in the realisation of the African Union’s vision as articulated in Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want. The agenda explicitly pronounces the building and expansion of “an African knowledge society through transformation and investments in universities, science, technology, research and innovation”.

The African Union Commission, as chair, will provide overall leadership, policy guidance, supervision and administrative coordination for the cluster. Another one or two regional or international bodies may be designated as co-chairs to provide technical and logistical support. The Association of African Universities, as a designated coordinator, will be responsible for technical leadership and programmatic coordination. 

The Higher Education Cluster is expected to catalyse the realisation of CESA 2016-25. It is anticipated that all relevant stakeholders actively participate and contribute to the promotion of this African blueprint developed based on Agenda 2063, taking cognisance of other regional and international development strategies.


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