#News: Africa’s first carbon-neutral brewery in South Africa

A South African brewery in a village near Cape Town, is said to be the first brew in Africa to go carbon-neutral by decreasing its carbon footprint by using water and energy more efficiently and by purchasing carbon credits at a reforestation project in Zimbabwe.

Darling Brewery was already known for raising environmental issues via the labels on the 17 beers it produces, educating drinkers about Africa’s threatened wildlife. Now the labels tell drinkers about the brewery’s carbon-neutral status. According to experts, globally there are only a handful of carbon-neutral breweries.
The brewery’s overhaul comes as South Africa’s Cape region emerges from an extreme drought that saw the city of Cape Town with a population of four million, rationing water and warning of a “Day Zero” when taps would run dry. The crisis has eased amid water conservation efforts.
South Africa is set to introduce a carbon credit tax by January, which will affect large emitters and is expected to make products from carbon-neutral companies the cheaper option.


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