Nigeria Signs MoU with Russia on Nuclear Energy


Nigeria has joined two other African countries, Kenya and Zambia, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Russia on nuclear energy at the ATOMEXPO 2016 International Forum in Moscow, the largest meeting

The agreement was signed by representatives of both countries- the Chairman and Chief Executive, Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Erepano Osaisai, and Mr Sergey Kirienko, Director Russian Rosatom State Corporation.

After acknowledging that nuclear energy contributes a great deal to global electricity, Dr Osaisai noted that: “Nigeria does have other energy resources but we’re talking about a balanced and diversified energy basket and nuclear energy happens to be one that is considered.”

He further stated that establishing a nuclear centre in the country, will help conserve other energy resources.

Whilst Nigeria’s pact with Russia is to construct a centre for nuclear science and technology in the country, Kenya and Zambia’s agreement with Russia, is in the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

“Everybody today is going green, signing the MOU today will give us an opportunity, a window to interact more to know about what advantages are there,” said Hillary Ngondi Kyengo, Kenya’s ambassador to Russia.

Countries around the world are increasingly becoming interested in nuclear power because it is a way of diversifying their energy supplies while enhancing energy security. Just like in the 70s, disruptions in the global supply of oil have raised concerns about energy security, of recent.  But, diversifying Nigeria’s oil energy sources might be a way out especially in tackling climate change.


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