Toloram Group has concluded plans to have a Solar Hybrid technology installed by GE Ventures at their noodles factory in Kaduna. The Northern noodle factory, run by Dufil Prima Foods (a subsidiary of Tolaram groups), has been an off-grid company since its inception in 2012 running solely on diesel generator.

The CEO of Toloram Groups, Sajen Aswani, emphasized the group’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, create sustainable industrial growth and be early adopters of new and upcoming technology. This 32.8kilowatts solar hybrid system is expected to achieve 18% reduction in carbon emission and diesel consumption cost.

The Solar Photovoltaic Systems have been installed in two other Toloram sites where they automatically switch between the solar, diesel generator and the grid electricity. With the solar power having the capacity to be stored through an electric battery, the limitation of only daylight use is eliminated.

The installations have been sponsored by GE Ventures for an assessment which is meant to test new business and technological models and as part of its fulfilment of its ‘Company to Country’ agreement which has just been renewed for another five years with Nigeria to help her in installing forty gigawatts (40GW), which is equivalent to forty thousand megawatts (40,000 MW), of additional power generating capacity by 2020.


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