Nigerian University Innovates First Organic Waste Power Plant

The power shortages in Nigeria are frequent and random. A university in Nigeria has made an excellent move and built an organic waste power-generating plant to provide electricity to the whole university in order to solve this issue. This is the first time such an innovation will be undertaken by a Nigerian university to help address the power outage in the country.

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the first indigenous university in the country, which is located in South East Nigeria, recently achieved a milestone by being the first university in the country to launch an organic waste power plant that will generate steady electricity for the university. The plant is a 100 kilo-volt-ampere (kVA) refuse-derived fuel (RDF) gasification plant designed to power the whole campus and nearby communities.

The innovation was completed by a group of researchers at the institution, led by Prof Emenike Ejiogu, an engineer who was trained in Japan, and has expertise in electric power devices and systems, as well as new energy systems – wind, solar and fuel-cell energy. The plant was completed with special grant funding by the university in a step that will help solve the growing cost of unstable electricity in the country.

Agricultural by-products such as corn husks and wood chips, among others, are sources of organic waste that could be used as waste materials to power the plant. This innovation has generated positive comments from experts who say it will help in fighting environmental and noise pollution. Another benefit of this innovation is the potential provision of jobs for the unemployed youth.



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