Nigerians Should Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Homes, Cars- Senate

In light of enlightening the masses about the dangers of air pollution, Nigerians have been advised to install carbon monoxide detectors in their vehicles, houses, offices, and factories to avoid inhaling harmful air. The lawmaker expressed concern that if nothing is done by the senate house, innocent Nigerians will continue to be exposed to avoidable health hazards likely to terminate their lives untimely.

The Senate described carbon monoxide as a silent killer, adding that the country does not have a platform for creating awareness among citizens. National Orientation Agency (NOA), Federal Ministry of Information, Federal Ministry of Labour etc have been also called upon to create awareness through Radio, Television, Newspapers and mass media etc among Nigerians, workers and employers on the need to use and install carbon monoxide detectors (alarms) in motor vehicles, houses, dwelling places, offices, workshops and factories for preservation of lives and good health of Nigerians.

Trees planted alongside roads or on the boundaries of your property can also help to combat air pollution. It can be a protective shield formed by tree canopy. This way trees prevent spreading of air pollution over large distances. Then, they gradually filter the pollution at the spot without giving it much chances of contaminating neighboring areas.



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