Obama Innovative Solar Power Programme to Cause Ripple Effects

The Obama Administration has launched a new program tagged “Clean Energy Savings for All Initiative” to make solar energy more affordable to low- and middle-income households and veterans in the United State of America.

The initiative is aimed at installing 1GW of solar by 2020 and providing funding for solar systems and energy efficiency upgrades across the country. It also offers technical assistance to facilitate the adoption of the programme by states.

The Funding will enable homeowners to pay at their convenience as they can repay via a small charge added to their property tax bill, compensated by the energy savings generated by solar and energy efficiency.

The program also includes a new Solar Training Network led by the Solar Foundation, which will also create jobs for veterans and people with low-incomes within the solar industry with the help of a Solar Jobs Strategy Commissions.

So far, 50,000 people have been trained and the US president’s target is to train 75,000 more people by 2020 with the support of a $10 million fund from the Recovery Act.

Furthermore, diverse financial funds have been made available for a transition to solar energy, and energy efficiency improvements.

Clean Energy Savings for All Summits will be held throughout the US and there will be new informational websites installed in order to implement the project and develop partnerships between local and state officials as well as community organisations and the public.

Solar energy is a resource that is not only sustainable for energy consumption; it is renewable for an indefinite period. Hence, one of its greatest advantages is immediate electricity bill savings so low income home owners can afford it and cut down on high electricity bills. The average savings in many states would also improve, leading to a better economy and clean environment.

Recently, the American solar power market recorded a boom and is growing faster than coal and natural gas power. In making solar energy accessible to low- and middle-income households in the US, the government has also created job opportunities, empowerment and raised the standard of living for its populace.


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