#Opportunity: E-Learning Course in Green Economy and Trade

Trade in environmental goods and services (EGS) offers significant opportunities, in particular for developing countries, to drive economic development while protecting natural capital and creating better livelihoods for citizens. In order to seize these opportunities, UNEP and UNITAR are collaborating within the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), to deliver the first interactive e-learning course at the nexus of trade and the green economy.

The e-course introduces various concepts, policy instruments and enabling conditions to identify, assess and harness benefits of sustainable trade in the context of the 2030 Development Agenda. Moreover, participants will acquire basic skills for translating sustainable trade principles into a real-world economic, policy and professional context.

The course targets groups and individuals from the public, private and civil society sectors interested in learning about how sustainable and responsible trade can help to further green economy objectives.

Geared towards policymakers and other stakeholders globally, the new e-learning course ‘Green Economy and Trade’, organized by UN Environment and UN Institute for Training and Research, starts on 13 March 2017, and introduces concepts at the nexus of trade and the environment, and practical applications in 6 weeks. The registration deadline is 6 March 2017 (for fellowship applications the deadline is 20 February 2017).
Click here to see flyer and here go view the website page and registration.

Source: http://bit.ly/2mNiKTX

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