#Opportunity: Investment Readiness Accelerator 2017

The phenomenon of “Impact Investing”, increasingly recognizes that entrepreneurs will have an extraordinary influence on both the South African economy and solving what has previously appeared to be intractable social challenges even as the said concept is gaining grounds in the country.

Nevertheless, investors have reported that the lack of “investable opportunities” with a track record is a major challenge to scaling the impact investing industry.

To address some of these challenges, Impact Amplifier has created the Investment Readiness Accelerator. Its third iteration, this Accelerator is a three-month long programme designed for impact business, to prepare for expansion and funding.
The programme will offer entrepreneurs the skills, knowledge, documentation and support required to secure investment for their businesses as well as address some of these issues:
• Constructing an Impact Case;
• Market access, sales and distribution;
• Strategic planning;
• Connecting with partners in the business ecosystem, including multinational companies, NGOs and the public sector

The programme is structured in two distinct phases. The first phase is designed to cover a three-month period while the second phase, post the structured Accelerator, is for an additional nine months.

Impact Amplifier is seeking applications from any type of impact business that has the potential to growth, however, it does not seek ideating stage entrepreneurs. The programme will include up to 10 businesses in each cohort and will be run twice in 2017.

For more information, see source: http://www.impactamplifier.co.za/entrepreneur-programmes-and-training/investment-readiness-accelerator-2017/

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