#Opportunity: My Little Big Thing Sustainability Challenge Open to Submissions


Targeting undergraduate students drawn from universities and polytechnics around Kenya, MK-Africa, a leading marketing, and sustainability consultancy, the Universities Sustainability Innovation Challenge in collaboration with KPMG Kenya and the Cambridge University Sustainability Leadership Institute in South Africa launched the ‘My Little Big Thing’ on the 10th of May 2017.

The campaign which is inspired by Nobel Laureate’s Wangari Maathai’s ‘little thing’ of planting trees, aims to inspire young people to come up with sustainability ideas that are commercially viable.

The competition calls for university students across Kenya to send in their sustainability business ideas via the competition website.  The selection of winners will be done by KPMG Kenya with the best 15 entries being selected to participate in a business skills training program by KPMG.

They will then be required to pitch their business ideas to a panel of experts who will select the final seven (7) from whom three (3) of the best will be selected by the public through an online voting process.

The final three (3) winners will attend a 3-day sustainability practitioners program by the University of Cambridge Sustainability Leadership Institute in South Africa, visit sustainability-centered companies in South Africa such P&G and South Africa airways as well as tour Johannesburg before returning to Kenya for 3-months paid internship at top companies in the country.

Key dates are as follows:

Submission deadline: 10th of June 2017

Visit to South Africa: 13th of August 2017

For more details, see source: https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/campus/little-big-thing-sustainability-challenge-open-submissions/

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