Over 70% Off: #CSR Certification by the Austrian Standards Institute


ThistlePraxis Consulting Limited – a Strategy and Assessment Consulting Firm, in partnership with CSR International, is pleased to invite you to the ISO 26000 and Social Audit Expert Training scheduled to hold from September 11th – 15th at the Standards Institute in Vienna, Austria.

The long term existence of every business depends on its responsible actions towards the society and environment in which it operates; no business can operate in a vacuum. Commitment towards such responsible actions requires social audit, involving a systematic assessment and reporting of implications of business operations towards the society and environment with a view for improvement. This can be undertaken out of management concern for: assessing and managing risks, effective stakeholders’ engagement, seeking out opportunities and efficiencies, accountability, sustainability and reporting socially responsibility.

The course will give an in depth insight into ISO 26000 based on real life examples and practical applications. The participants will be able to understand the meaning of the standard, its content and practical application. The course helps practitioners to either implement the standard in any kind of organisation, its proper communication or to evaluate the status of implementation in an organisation as a third party auditor. It will also provide basic skills on how to prepare and conduct an audit, how to identify gaps and non-conformities as well as how to write an audit report and the ethics of good auditing.

Who should participate: CSR Managers, Sustainability Managers, Procurement Managers, Communication Managers, Auditors expanding their portfolio, Sourcing Managers, ISO standards responsible managers and experts, Reporting Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Consultants in the field of sustainability, CSR and related, interested parties.

See Training Brochure for more information

Registration attracts a discounted fee of 900 Euros if routed through: info@thistlepraxisconsulting.com or ifeoluwa@thistlepraxis.com.

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