#Opportunity: Unleash! A Call for New Solutions to the SDGs


Unleash, a global non-profit initiative aiming to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) brings together 1,000 top talents from the academia, business, and civil society, to innovate and collaborate on new solutions to the SDGs for each year leading up to 2030.

The global convention of exceptional youth leaders kicks off in Denmark in August 2017, tentatively followed by Silicon Valley, Singapore, and Mumbai, and ends in New York City in 2030.
UNLEASH is supported by a 100+ partners, including UNDP, Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation, Deloitte, and Dalberg.

Who should attend?
All young entrepreneurs, academics, technicians, professionals, experts and change-makers who want to create innovative solutions to achieve the SDGs.
Learn about how to get a Seat on www.unleash.org.
Applications are reviewed at a rolling basis; the sooner you apply, the better your chances of getting a seat.

Source: www.unleash.org.


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