Oxfam Releases Report on Bridging the Inequality Gap in Nigeria


Oxfam International has just released a new inequality report. Titled “Inequality in Nigeria, Exploring the Drivers”, the report exhaustively analysis the extent of inequality in Nigeria, blaming it on a corrupt political and economic system.

Emphasizing the wide inequality gap between the rich and the poor, as well as between the male and female genders, Oxfam reveals that more than 112 million people are living in abject poverty in Nigeria, yet the country’s richest man spent one million dollars a day for 42 years to exhaust his fortune. Moreover, women tend to dominate the number of Nigerians who lack access to education and access to owning properties (particularly land). Women also tend to be mostly employed in low-skilled less paying jobs.

Comparing inequality within states, the report discloses that 69 per cent of people now live below the poverty line in North-Eastern states, compared to the 49 per cent in the South-West.

The report therefore proposes a clamp down on corruption, investment in public services, protection of women’s rights, and a total war on rich but tax-evading Nigerians; as expedient for bridging the inequality gap in the country.

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