People to Watch: Nikhil Bharadwaj on Inspiring Sustainability

On the subject of sustainability, Nikhil Bharadwaj stands out with his dream to inspire sustainability in communities and businesses.

According to Bharadwaj, an energy engineering scholar in penn nation’s university of earth and mineral sciences, sustainability is imperative and gives numerous advantages to people, corporations and groups.
Bharadwaj’s ardour for sustainability is going past phrases, and a quick look at his activities as a student make that clear; he landed two sustainability-centered internships in two international locations, and helped set up sun panels in a low-profits community in a third country.
He later became accredited as a green partner through the leadership in engineering and environmental design (leed) software. He then went on to implement more than one sustainability task on Penn State’s University Park campus and the surrounding university network.

His work on these and different initiatives led to him being named to Penn nation’s pupil sustainability advisory council and receiving the 2016 Penn country scholar sustainability leadership award.
For Bharadwaj, bringing sustainability to communities has also been key in achieving his dream. In fall 2016, he launched and led a solar tour of State College, part of the larger ASES National Solar Tour. The tour was a way that Bharadwaj could introduce people to the local sustainability initiatives and debunk myths about solar energy.
After commencement, he plans to launch a sustainability consulting practice, named ‘Ubermensch,’ in honor of a defining philosophical tenet of Bharadwaj’s idol, the german truth seeker Friedrich Nietzsche.

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