Quality Education for All Nigerians

Quality education is a vital tool to improving the possibility of higher income levels for individuals, and for the economic growth of nations. Goal 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is focused on ensuring comprehensive and quality education and promoting lasting learning opportunities for all. This is looking at how Nigeria can make better education a reality and achieve quality education is a vital tool for improving the possibilities of higher income levels for individuals, and for the economic growth of nations.

Ruined structures, overcrowding and lack of adequate furniture are common features of public schools in Nigeria. LEA (Local Education Agency) Primary School City Gate in Abuja is no exception. The school has 360 students. Classes are overcrowded and lack adequate furniture to accommodate the children. In one of the classes, 87 students share 8 tables and chairs. This causes students to take classes seated on the bare floor or windows.

LEA Primary School City Gate is only one of many examples of why Nigeria’s quality of education ranked 125th out of 137 countries on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness. Nigeria currently has the highest number of out of school-children in the world of primary school age. Major flaws exist even among those who attend school as they lack grade-level experiences


Barriers to Quality Education

-Inadequate funding

-Inappropriate curricular.

-Students non attendance

-Teachers Absences



Possible Solutions

-More funding by the government and donors

-Better education policy

-Use of technology

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