Re-envisioning Africa’s Healthcare System

To achieve universal healthcare in Africa, strong leadership, good governance structures and partnerships with the private sector are required to build a strong public health sector.

The core to strengthening health systems is the provision of services and therefore financing interventions across the continuum of care is imperative. Infrastructure and equipment are pillars of healthcare as is the robust training of professionals and an adequate and equitable spread of health services, Chitalu Chilufya, Minister of health in Zambia, told the Africa Health 2019 Leader’s Forum in Johannesburg.

Dr Ola Orekunrin, MD of Flying Doctors in Nigeria said that the importance of partnerships had been recognised by Sustainable Development Goal 17. She believes that health engagement should extend beyond just doctors and politicians and should include others, such as technology experts, so that they are able to design the products that are needed.

Orekunrin believes that there are learnings from other countries such as India where procedures like a coronary bypass are performed at a fraction of the cost of the USA, with better outcomes.


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