Recycling Pays Off!

The Society of the Plastics Industry’s new Zero Net Waste programme recognizes companies that have taken steps to eliminate waste throughout the plastics manufacturing life cycle. One of such firms is the All Service Plastic Molding (ASPM), which will generate new revenue from recycling efforts.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation, most packaging is used only once with 95 per cent of the value of plastic packaging material – worth $80 billion to $120 billion per year – lost to the economy.

By installing a “Green Team” within the company to implement the waste reduction programme, ASPM,  (a subsidiary of The Minco Group), expects a revenue increase of $20,000 by 2017.

The Green Team has been monitoring and reporting the company’s progress which has helped decrease landfill bound waste weights by 46 per cent and divert 88 per cent of total manufacturing waste from landfills

The Zero Net Waste programme provides SPI members – suppliers, processors and recyclers – with resources meant to enable them to achieve zero waste in their facilities and offices.

The resources include tools to ensure that the plastic material and other byproducts used throughout the plastics value chain are reused or recycled and a business care for zero waste with tips for educating employees and guidance on finding service providers.

In order to be able to display the Zero Net Waste programme logo, companies need to submit reports annually for ongoing verification.



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