Recycling Plan May Not Be The Cure For Plastic Crises

The Africa Plastics Recycling Alliance by consumer goods companies including Diageo, Unilever, The Coca Cola Company and  Nestlé was launched to cure the all plastic crisis in Africa. However, Renee Olende, the Greenpeace Africa plastics project lead says it cannot be done.

Olende refers to the plans as doubling down on the myth that recycling will solve the plastic crisis. In the statement released by the FMCG giants, Olende says they once again bet on recycling as a solution to the global plastics crisis on the continent. She continues to explain that we cannot recycle our way out of the plastic pollution and that Africa is a critical market for these corporations and they must make real commitments to reduce the current plastic crisis instead of focusing on profits.

The truth is that plastics are destroying communities, harming marine life, affecting human health, and hurting our environment around the world.

She suggests that these multinational corporations should show leadership and real innovation by investing their massive resources into new delivery systems of refill and reuse, saying that these companies should combat the throwaway culture and provide consumers with sustainable alternative solutions – informed by safe and innovative delivery system.

Do you think refill and reuse is better than recycling ?



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