Do you know that what you buy and how you use what you buy reduces environmental harm that emanate from manufacturing?

Recycling means a whole lot more than reducing garbage. It goes beyond that to saving energy, water and, surprisingly, even trees and iron ore. The simplest and most encompassing definition of a successful recycling is when a product is taken through the longest lifecycle possible while reducing waste. It can be achieved by simply reducing the items that go into the shopping basket and re-using what you can.

Therefore, when next you visit the market, do reduce items with non-re-usable contents or packaging. Also, always remember to re-use. Ensure there are collection points all over that remind you of the habit of reducing and re-using.

Most importantly, spread the word ‘Reduce & Re-use’.

If the SDG goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission must be achieved, it has to begin with reducing the use of unrecyclable materials and re-using materials as much as they can be re-used.


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