#Renewable Energy: UCI Becomes First College to Convert all Buses to Electric

BYD (Build Your Dreams) electric powered buses will be used to make the University of California Irvine (UCI) the first college campus in the U.S to convert all its fuel powered buses, to electric powered buses. The Anteater Express shuttle service is funded by the students of UCI who voted to pay up to $40 each quarter to the Associated Students of UCI (ASUCI); and a total of 20 buses are being acquired from BYD at a price of $15 million.

Scott Samelsen, an engineering professor that heads the National Fuel Cell Research Center said “The hydrogen electric bus emits no carbon, neither does the battery electric bus”.
Tracy La, the president of the (ASCUI) said in a statement “Once again, UCI is No. 1 in making sure we have a sustainable future. I hope the rest of the country can follow us, I hope other colleges and universities will do this.”

These vehicles are being manufactured at BYD’s Lancaster California plant and will be brought to the campus for the 2017-2018 academic year.

With this move, the University should be able to meet up with its pledge of attaining zero emission from vehicles and the university buildings by 2025.

According to Stella Li, President of BYD America, she said “This forward-looking decision is proof of what many in higher education already know; that electric vehicles aren’t a far-off technology of the future but are here and ready to be put to use today”.


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