#SA: #TheTreeApp to Contribute to the #Sustainability of #Trees

A new app that enables users to search for specific trees; or to get an idea of what trees are growing in the region has been launched in South Africa. TheTreeApp can be used on any smart phone or tablet under 3 years old.
TheTreeApp is the most accessible South African product of its type and a boon for nature lovers, parents, children and teachers as well as a wide range of professionals and experts in any fields where trees are a vital, central component.

The app was created by project leader Val Thomas and a team of skilled professionals. The app is available for download on 1 September 2017 from both the Apple iStore and the Google Play Store.

Thomas says that one of the reasons that trees have been difficult to identify, for ‘ordinary’ people without a botanical background, is that with most wild animals, individuals of any species will look similar. On the other hand, a certain tree species may appear tall in one area and almost bush-like in another, while they are biologically identical.
The information in TheTreeApp is so finely detailed that identification is made simpler, even when nature isn’t.

The project leader further states that TheTreeApp is also ideal for homeowners, construction companies and others who need to ensure they are not removing endangered species and are choosing the most ideal plants for their indigenous gardens. This is such a powerful way to ensure the sustainability of trees.

In addition to the indigenous core, the app covers 130 invasive and other alien trees to strengthen the general public’s understanding of the threat that these trees pose in many parts of our country.


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