Scholarship Opportunities for Ghanaian Students in the Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing


As a result of the change in the exchange rate (between the Ghanaian Cedi and the Pound), the tuition fees have risen significantly. The Ghanaian Development Fund has devised a means to provide extra financial support to Ghanaian Students studying in Coventry University.

Any Ghanaian Student that enrolls for a qualifying course set to start May 2018 is eligible to gain financial support to the tune of Two Thousand Pounds per school year (£2,000).


  • Must be a Ghanaian National.
  • Must be paying International Tuition Fees.
  • Must have submitted a course application before the deadline.
  • Must be a taking a course run by the Faculty of Engineering, ENVIRONMENT and Computing.

For more information visit Ghana Development Fund

Institution: Coventry University

Location: Coventry, United Kingdom

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