Scientists Search for an Alternative to Cement

Material Scientists are thinking of new alternatives to cement. This is because the production of cement emits a minimum of eighty per cent of the weight of the cement as carbon dioxide. This accounts for five per cent of total CO2 emissions generated by humans annually.

A white block, rock solid and lightweight is being considered as an alternative to cement.

Considering the rise of the use of cement, reducing the carbon intensity of its production is becoming globally imperative. New technologies are on the verge of being developed to reduce the environmental downsides of its production.

Now, emphasis is less placed on replacing cement but more on reusing the CO2 being emitted and making useful products from it. CarbonCure Technologies, a Canadian company, has developed a way of replacing some of the cement with C02 without compromising the strength. Even with this, the aim is not to replace cement totally but to reduce the global need for cement.

No approach on its own has been seen to be able to erase the environmental impact of concrete. But the more alternatives there are, the more sustainable the industry can be.


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