#SDG IDEAS: Public Participation- India-Based Software Engineer Wins First Prize in United Nations #LinksSDGs Data Visualization Challenge

#LinksSDGs is the third challenge issued by Unite Ideas, a big data crowdsourcing platform developed by the Office of Information and Communications Technology to facilitate collaboration among academia, civil society and United Nations offices, and to mobilize data scientists and software developers worldwide to help tackle the complex issues faced by the Organization and its Member States through the creation of open source solutions.

It has been observed that the interconnection between factors like climate, energy, economic development, land use and income inequality, places a rise in demand for analytical modelling tools to develop new ways of looking at data to support better and faster decision-making since the introduction of the SDGs.

Winner of the the Unite Ideas #LinksSDGs Data Visualization Challenge, Abdulqadir Rashik a software engineer and entrepreneur, has been awarded the Challenge’s top prize for his submission “Links to Sustainable Cities”, an interactive visualization that identifies and maps the links between Sustainable Development Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and the other 16 Goals.

Partnerships and collaborations with stakeholders, governments and talented individuals will foster new ideas on visualizing the links between the Sustainable Development Goals and targets that form the basis of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The solutions submitted as part of the #LinksSDGs Challenge will be used to identify further research opportunities and guide policy decisions around the implementation of global sustainability initiatives.

To date, academia, the general public and private companies have responded to the Unite Ideas challenges with more than 35 open source solutions, many of which will be used by the United Nations or shared with Member States.




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