#SDGs: How #Businesses Can Eradicate #Poverty


The importance of Government collaboration with businesses towards the realization of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1 (to end extreme poverty by the 2030), could be seen from the impacts of businesses in the society. Really, the past few years have witnessed a trend of businesses partnering with non-profits to take on the globe’s most pressing challenges – poverty. Left on Governments and NGOs alone, the UN goal to end extreme poverty may not be achievable. So how can business work with NGOs, local governments and directly with the world’s poorest citizens on finding poverty solutions? The following two ways may be important:

Competence Development & Capacity Building:

Instead of offering financial helps, companies can launch an effective poverty solutions strategy by lending their skilled and trained employees to non-profits on a part- or full-time basis. In India for example, the telecom giant Vodafone partners with the NGO Dasra and assigns 25 employees to work within NGOs of their choice across India for several weeks. The World of Difference program allows these employees to share their insights and experience on a variety of functions, including information technology, communications, human resources and communications.

Investing in Women Development:

Women often bear the burden of poverty’s ravages in both the developed and developing world. Funding and staffing investment and training programs for women in countries in which a company does business is one way that an organization can become an engaged and effective stakeholder. For example, Avon has launched a variety of projects, including no-interest, low-capital program training women to sell its products.


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