Solar Voyager made from recycled plastic set for Antarctic expedition


A new vehicle which was recently invented by a Dutch couple from Clean2Antarctica was made from recycled plastics and also runs on solar energy. The vehicle was made in an attempt to explore the continents sustainable nature, as well as raise awareness for the Antarctica treaty.

The vehicle which would be used for the team’s expeditions in the South Pole has already been tested in Iceland earlier this year. Solar Voyager runs with a total of 10 solar panels which powers two batteries. It weighs 1,485 kg (3,274 lb.), measures up to 16 m (52 ft.) long and moves at 8 km/h (5 mph).

The journey which would be staring on the 26th of November is said to begin at Antarctica’s base camp, after which the voyagers would travel 2,400kilometers and head back home.

The team said “Driving on Antarctica needs creative thinking. How do we float on top of the snow or provide drinking water? How can we communicate with the Mission Control Center? Ten solar panels provide constant power for the engine, and vacuum pipes can melt the ice. Its light weight is spread across special wheels to make driving more efficient. The Solar Voyager started as a plastic puzzle and is now a high-tech vehicle built for Antarctica.”

According to Clean2Antarctica, “We want to accelerate the transition to a circular society because it is the right thing to do. We need to venture out into the unknown, since we don’t exactly know how to build a circular society. Therefore we need to experiment. Our expedition will result in new building blocks that will help us to build a circular society.”




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