Sterling Bank Launches Back-to-School Campaign

Sterling Bank Plc is set to launch its Back-to-School campaign, which is aimed at providing succour for all stakeholders in the sector as schools resume in September. The primary targets for the campaign are the primary and secondary schools (administrators, owners and teachers) while the secondary audience are all primary and secondary school students and their parents.

The campaign covers school financing, asset finance, textbooks and educational materials finance for schools; school fees finance for parents; coding and robotics summer boot camp for children, household equipment finance and training for teachers, to mention a few.

The bank’s Group Head, Strategy and Finance, Mr. Shina Atilola, explained that the school fees financing solution was introduced to provide parents with instant financing for school fees and allow them put their kids in school while awaiting salaries and other receivables.

While the bank offers schools a quick financing solution to purchase textbooks and learning materials from major publishing houses and bookshops, schools that open salary accounts for their teachers will have their teachers qualify automatically for the bank’s personal financial management and other teacher training programmes (for both local and foreign courses).


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