Middle classes drive up life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa: Improved nutrition and access to water among factors that have added 11 years to average lifespan in a generation read more


‘I’m tired of life’: how Nigeria’s poorest people struggle to survive: Families living on £1.50 a day or less tell of the hardships of life in the oil-rich nation, which now has the greatest concentration of extreme poverty. read more


Contribute to a podcast on extinction: In our next We Need to Talk About podcast, we’ll examine the fauna and flora vanishing from the world around us, and what can be done to conserve those that remain. What are your thoughts and experiences? read more


Labour is divided over its proposed fracking ban – Cuadrilla chief:Accusation comes only weeks before the UK’s first fracking in seven years. read more

Forthcoming Flood in Lagos if Not Careful.

    The Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) some days ago, said Lagos and other coastal cities globally that are less than […]


Australia’s rank on global development index hurt by climate change inaction: Australia ranks 14 after New Zealand, with Scandinavian countries […]

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