Australia’s rank on global development index hurt by climate change inaction: Australia ranks 14 after New Zealand, with Scandinavian countries in top three spots. read more

Germany launches world’s first hydrogen-powered train: Two trains built by the French train maker Alstom are now operating on a 62mile stretch of line in northern Germany.read more

UK children inhaling toxic air on school run and in classroom; Tiny particles of black carbon from car exhausts lodge themselves in children’s lungs and can enter the bloodstream and potentially the brain. read more

‘Tied to trees and raped’: UN report details Rohingya horrors: UN investigators publish report detailing evidence for accusation of genocide against Burmese military. read more


Middle classes drive up life expectancy in sub-Saharan Africa: Improved nutrition and access to water among factors that have added […]

Liberia: Parents Complains of Inability to Put Their Children in School Due to Economical Difficulties

Liberia parents are having issues enrolling their children in school. The primary and secondary academic school year now in its […]

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