UK households face squeeze after surprise inflation jump to 2.7%: Dearer autumn clothing ranges boost CPI to six-month high despite a forecast fall. read more


Towards an economy that works for everyone: Michael Jacobs, Bill Hughes, Carolyn Jones, Nick Mayer and Richard Stallman offer ideas for a fairer Britain. read more


Trump: US will quit World Trade Organization unless it ‘shapes up’: In Bloomberg interview, president criticises organization and lauds plan on China tariffs, driving down US equities. read more


Children’s yoghurts contain ‘shocking’ amounts of sugar, study finds: While they are still a healthier choice than a chocolate bar or a biscuit, flavoured yoghurts are packed with sugar. read more


Africa: Air Pollution – Know Your Enemy: Sometimes you can’t even see it, but air pollution is everywhere. Perhaps you […]


R880 million in virtual currency hacked in Japan: Osaka-based Tech Bureau, which operates virtual currency exchange Zaif, said its server […]

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