Amnesty Group Commends Nigeria Over Boko Haram Suspects’ Trial

The human rights group has described the ongoing trial of suspected Boko Haram militants as “good progress for the justice sector”.

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Buildings Set Alight as Protests Turn Violent in South Africa

Outraged protesters set fire to several properties including a government building in Hout Bay, to vent their anger over the alleged killing of a fisherman suspected of poaching by police.

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Rwandan Engineer Recycles Glass to Produce Eco-Friendly Bricks

Aimable Mutabazi, a graduate from the University of Rwanda has set up a brick manufacturing and construction company where glass bottles and ceramics are recycled to make glass concrete bricks.

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Army, Police Against Recruitment of HIV-Positive Malawians

Malawi Defence Force recruits should be forced to undergo an HIV test before they go for training, some senior army officers have said, arguing that the army training is “too rigorous for an HIV-positive person to withstand”. Although the law prohibits testing before recruitment, the country’s police has also made similar remarks.


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