InPrint: Sub-Sahara Africa Sustainability Roadmap 2017

In Print: Sub-Sahara Africa Sustainability Roadmap 2017

Publisher: Sustainable Square

Date of Publication: 2017

Impact investment, transparency, and partnerships are some of the sustainability issues African businesses need to prepare for in 2017.

Sustainable Square, in collaboration with ThistlePraxis Consulting presents this report to highlight issues that will impact Business Sustainability and Corporate Social Investments (CSI) in Africa in 2017.

Recapping on 2016 trends, the first part of the report highlights milestones that will set the stage for business sustainability in the region in 2017. It reflects on landmark events such as the signing and ratification of the Paris Agreement by several African countries, visible business commitments towards sustainability reporting in the region and the alignment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with CSI strategies in many African organisations, amongst other milestones, as indicative of the 2017 road map.

With the use specific cases across the sub-region, the report concisely presents key projections for businesses in Africa or others interested in dealing anywhere in the region this year. It is an indispensable manual for developing a sustainability plan with a grasp on the issues that are relevant to stakeholders.

Again, resources and ideas for organisations are abundant in the seven key areas that the road map emphasizes on. Needless to say, the publishers have already proffered solutions to the niggling question about the prospects for sustainability and CSR on the continent this year amidst many uncertain global trends.

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