Sustainability Reading List for the Holidays

  1. All in

Author: David Grayson, Chris Coulter & Mark Lee

Co-authored by Chris Coulter (GlobeScan), Mark Lee (SustainAbility) and David Grayson (Cranfield School of Management), All In identifies the essential attributes of high-impact corporate sustainability leadership and describes how companies can combine and apply those characteristics for future success.

  1. Turning the Tide on Plastic

Author: Lucy Siegle

Journalist, broadcaster and eco lifestyle expert Lucy Siegle provides a call to arms to end the plastic pandemic along with the tools we need to make decisive change.

  1. Innovation For Sustainability: African and European Perspectives

Author: Mammo Muchie

This book emphasis that the African innovation system has to evolve in a nature protecting – rather than hurting – system; in addition it explains the social needs must be met rather than exacerbating the social inequalities path of development.

  1. Sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa

Athor: Jennifer L. De Maio

This book considers the issue of sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa. It assesses the progress that has been made in sustainable development and the challenges that must still be addressed. Most importantly, it focuses on African experiences with sustainable development.


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