#Sustainability Today: Environmental Sustainability in Africa

In celebration of the 2018 World Environment Day and as part of its attempts to reduce plastic pollution, 9mobile held an awareness campaign on environment-friendly actions, including recycling at Senior High School Oshodi, Lagos.

9mobile also donated recycling bins to the school and students received new writing materials and T-shirts. The move was in line with environmental sustainability approved by the telecommunication firm as one of the core components of its tripod Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) focus, with education and health being the other platforms.

The event encouraged youths to take in environment-friendly behavior, a healthy, well-functioning environment is important for the sustained survival of human.

9mobile is passionate about training the youths to be effective leaders in the nearest future. The celebration was for further demonstration of commitment to empower the youth with the right knowledge required to make them environmentally conscious.

In other part of the world they are experiencing drought, threat to food security and heat wave, all as a result of poor environmental protection practices. As the human population rises, people according to the latest United Nations’ estimate, we need to have more resources, not less. 9mobile’s intervention to join the fight against plastic pollutants and encourage recycling is quite creditable.

Notwithstanding protecting the environment, the company is also charging students, staff, stakeholders and the general public to create innovative ways to recycle waste; thus accelerating the ability for wealth to be generated from waste, and confirming its rating as a sustainable brand that cares and encourages.

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