#Sustainable Partnerships: Brazil to invest in Tanzania’s energy sector


Disclosed at a meeting with the Tanzanian minister for energy and minerals, Sospeter Muhongo, Brazil is interested in investing in Tanzania’s renewable energy sector.

Brazil’s ambassador to Tanzania, Carlos Alfonso Puente, stated that his country’s extensive knowledge and experience in the production of electricity, especially hydropower and bio-electricity could be used to help Tanzania

Brazil has also expressed interest in other sectors of the economy such as investing in bio-ethanol energy-the production of electricity using sugarcane residue.

“Tanzania is embarking on an industrial development. This process requires reliable and affordable power supply generated from various sources,” the Brazilian ambassador said.

He pointed out that Brazil has large companies producing hydropower within and outside the country, with long experience reaching 20 to 40 years and with the country being a top producer and exporter of sugarcane in the world, Brazil can help transform Tanzania’s energy sector through bio-energy.

Partnerships are necessary because one party cannot achieve their desired goals as a stand-alone. Each sector brings a different set of values, priorities, resources and competencies to a partnership. The challenge of any partnership is to bring these diverse contributions together, linked by a common vision, in order to achieve sustainable development goals.


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