Sustainable Solution to The Use of Plastic

Plastic is one of the most significant pollutants of our planet. We live in a world today where every item we use is made of or packaged in plastic and it is almost impossible to live a plastic free life. However, the threat of its waste is constantly looming, contributing to the environmental degradation of our planet.

The reason why plastic waste is a cause for alarm when it comes to sustainability is because it is one of the largest pollutants in our environment. When it is not recycled, it can take anywhere from 450 to 1000 years to decompose, and many times it is carried through the rivers and ends up in the ocean.

instead of producing plastic which does not break down through natural decomposition, we should switch to biodegradable plastic. Coca-Cola set an example by switching to a biodegradable bottle, removing a potential of 365,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Reusing plastic is another sustainable solution. Instead of throwing away the bag that you just got from your grocery store, consider keeping it at home so that you can reuse it. Another possibility is to send it back to the grocery store as many stores employ recycling programs.

The problem of pollution is an overwhelming issue, requiring immediate action. The necessary measures need to be taken as soon as possible so that we don’t further endanger the environment, the animals, and ourselves.


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